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Image via May 2010: Deep Throat Dreams Lindsay signs on to play Linda Lovelace in the forthcoming Lovelace biopic Inferno.

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Now presenting Lindsay Lohan: A Portrait of the Starlet as the Sum of Her Private Parts.

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Where Her Mind Is: Later that fall, she will her vagina once again, this time while getting out of a car in a fur coat in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Spread

Click button below for full video! Annoying fameball photographer Tyler Shields attempts to say something meaningful about this, but really just wants an excuse to take a picture of someone grabbing LiLo's tit, I think.

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Check out these Lindsay Lohan nude pics we have gathered here for you today! In other photos, she rubs her against door frames and wears a crowd of thorns while showing her boobs.

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Lindsay Lohan Topless Pics And now, a collection of some Lindsay Lohan topless photos! The shoot itself does not feature nudes, but paparazzi shots of the shoot feature nipples and ass.

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And one of those breakdowns led to the creation of these nudes you are about to see! Lindsay Lohan bent down and kissing a man while wearing a black bra and black underwear as another guy films her on his camera phone, and then Lindsay lying down on a sofa waiting for the guy with the phone to join her as she removes her bra to expose her breasts and then makes him get on the ground and go down on her as the first guy sits and plays with himself.

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This is just a short preview since we are not allowed to post leaked sex tapes on public sites! This is first of many photo shoots in which Tyler trolls the public by depicting Lindsay and other starlets as the of violent crimes.

Lindsay Lohan posts nude Instagram snap in birthday suit after show cancellation

Because we also have something else for you! Where Her Mind Is: At a probation hearing, Lindsay announces she her court-ordered therapy sessions.